That's our birth year.

Much has happened since then!


Image IV has grown and so has technology - exponentially - far beyond boxes making copies.

Managing documents has become an art form.  Our mission: engaging in the fine art of document management strategies to benefit the office environments of our customers.

Today Image IV delivers reprographic equipment, service and solutions to over 3,700 customers in all industries, public and private, throughout the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino.

How may we help you?

Equipment: Image IV is an authorized dealer and factory-trained service provider for Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Samsung, KIP and HP. 

Solutions: We facilitate an easier, more efficient office life by going paperless, implementing safeguards to secure documents and data, streamlining workflow, tracking usage and costs, ensuring regulatory compliance, enabling mobile and wireless printing, making use of the Cloud, and other useful innovations. 

Services: Our proprietary brand of Managed Print Services, called "OMS" (Output Management Strategies) focuses on managing customer printer and copier fleets to operate with optimized document/information workflow at decreased total costs. 

We're proud to be certified as a Konica Minolta PRO TECH service provider for 2017, a coveted designation for service excellence achieved by less than 10% of their authorized dealers in the country.  

Image IV is also a recipient of the coveted Office Technology Service Excellence Award presented by BEI Services, Inc. and ENX Magazine. To find out more about the stringent requirements are for this award, please click here.  Below is a picture of the plaque we received.


To those who don't know us, however, we're just one of many dealers who offer the same things we just listed above. So why should you choose us instead of them? 

Rather than go into a spiel about what differentiates us from our competitors (which, we believe you will find that everyone pretty much says the same thing), we encourage you to contact us and get a feel for the character and personality of Image IV.  It's important that you are comfortable with the company providing your document solutions, whether it be a simple copier and service agreement, or an entire fleet of equipment, services and solutions. You have to trust them to get the job done and act in your best interests. We believe that's our forte and that is what has made us successful from our humble beginnings back in 1980. 

Regardless of who you contact within the Image IV organization, we're confident that they will inspire your confidence in us. 

Our goal, as we employ the fine art of document management strategies, is for every customer to feel secure knowing they made the right choice: Image IV. 

Contact us today and find out how we may help you!

About this site: Doesn't Image IV sell copiers? Where are all the pictures of copiers and fax machines???  What's with all these artsy pictures all over the place??? Why should we plaster a bunch of copiers on our site?  You already know what copiers look like.  It's the results that count. We make ever document you produce from our products a work of art, like the art you see dispersed around our web site. Plus, when you're feeling a bit down and want to be cheered up by nice looking pictures you can come over here and visit us instead of looking at a bunch of gray industrial-looking machines somewhere else. Sounds like a good idea!