Why not just get a copier or printer from an office warehouse store like Staples? It's a lot cheaper.

The equipment we sell and service is more robust and made for heavier duty use than what office supply warehouses carry. If your volume exceeds 1,000 copies or prints per month, we believe you will benefit from the devices we sell, that shine in office environments.

Supply costs for office warehouse machines are very high when you consider the cost per each copy or print. Many have purchased printers and copiers at bargain prices and were later shocked by how much the toner and ink cost, often more than the machine!

We offer service plans that include supplies, parts, labor and maintenance at rates that are much more economical in the long run than what you pay for a big box warehouse machine and its expensive supplies.

Do you have leasing and renting options?

Besides outright purchase, we offer leases with terms from 12-63 months on approved credit, along with rentals. 

How do I order online?

We highly recommend consulting with a sales representative to help select the device that most efficiently meets your needs in terms of features and price. Brochures and spec sheets can get very confusing with all their buzz words and industry jargon. The office equipment we carry is an investment and needs to be chosen carefully - so please contact us! 

Do you sell supplies?

Yes! We sell copier and printer toner, along with other consumables for all brands and models, in many cases both the OEM and highly economical compatible versions. Give Tammy, our supply concierge a call toll free: 877.209.5518.

Where are all the pictures of copiers and people in business meetings like I see on all the other copier company web sites?

They're all on those other sites because they're all the same kinds of pictures and they all tell you the same things. If you've seen one copier, you've seen them all (just like if you've seen one serious looking group acting like they are discussing business, you've seen them all).  If you insist on seeing them, go over to our competitors sites to get your fill and then come back to us to avail yourself of our products and services that rise above the crowd.

We think the clean, crisp images you see on our site reflect the clean, crisp experience you'll receive by choosing us as your vendor!

Where's the little icons for Facebook, Twitter and Linked In? 

Come on now, are you really going to breathlessly await our next post on Facebook or next tweet on Twitter?  Or read about us on Linked In? You have a business to deal with that takes up enough of your valuable time, right? 

What is the most requested feature for a copier that has yet to be implemented by any manufacturer?

A buzzer that alerts you when you make a copy of something personal and/or embarrassing and forget to take it back to your desk with you.