If your business is thinking about converting the file cabinets and Banker Boxes full of documents to digitize them, you will need some way of storing documents to be easily retrieved. Yes, you can setup a simple file folder structure on your network, but documents can be easily deleted, moved to the wrong folder and sometimes exposed to the wrong employees.

A Document Management System (DMS) can help you store and retrieve documents from a central repository where all files can be stored. documents can easily be scanned in with your MFP or desktop scanner.

Once the files are scanned or imported into the DMS, it can be accessed by anyone who has access right to retrieve it
Here are a few more benefits below:

  • You can choose who can view, modify or distribute documents
  • Directly integrate into your current ERP solution
  • Data can be backed up in the cloud, in case of fire, floods or Earthquakes in California
  • Improved productivity by automation efficiency of the DMS
  • Digital approval process can be implemented so the document can remain in system
  • Documents remain safe with encryption to protect and secure your most confidential files
  • Day forward scan strategy can be implemented, so that all your future documents are archived

We can provide you with the equipment, software and the expertise on how to best prepare and scan your documents. Many businesses will take upon it themselves without the guidance of professional help, only to start their own scanning operation and have it go terribly wrong.

Please call us today for a free consultation, on how we can possibly help digitize your company’s documents and set you up with the best software solution that fits your business needs.