Managed Print

Managed Print

Managing a fleet of print devices and their associated supply and service needs can be a big headache for any organization. Think of how much of your staff’s time is taken away from focusing on your core business to deal with printing issues or even routine maintenance chores.

With Image IV’s Managed Print Services (MPS), we can immediately reduce your cost associated in dollar and time expenditures for an organization’s document printing and imaging operations and ease that burden on your employees.

We have a multitude of satisfied customers that have placed their trust in our expertise for managing their print environment. The benefits they are receiving include:

  • Lower total costs of printing and managing documents;
  • Proactive monitoring and rapid service response to ensure maximum uptime – everything just works like it is supposed to work;
  • More efficient use of their print devices;
  • Automatic reporting of meters;
  • Automatic supply fulfillment;
  • Consolidation of multiple invoices with various rates into one monthly invoice with one rate;
  • Increased control and accountability over their print environment;
  • Removal of a significant portion of overhead burden from their employees, enabling them to focus on the core business of their organization.

We invite you to find out if your company can benefit from our Managed Print Services (MPS) program. We would be happy to conduct a non-intrusive, no-obligation assessment of your situation and provide you with a report setting forth your current devices and spending levels along with our recommendations for increasing efficiency while lowering costs.

If you have at least 7 or 8 print devices in use, you will most likely benefit from MPS. Let us show you how we can choreograph that for you! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Managed Print Services division, toll free at 800.473.5424.  Or, click the contact button below. 

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