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Image IV is proud to announce our designation by Konica Minolta as an official Pro-Tech dealer for ten consecutive years. Less than 10% of dealers receive this award for service excellence!

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If you prefer, you can call us (818) 841-1083 for maintenance. Please have your equipment I.D. number ready.

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Give us a call: 818.841.0756 and follow the voice prompts.  Please have your equipment I.D. number and current meter reading ready.

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Environmental Responsibility

Keeping our environment precious for the precious who will inherit it

Image IV is actively engaged in promoting sustainable programs to preserve our environment, both within our own company and partnering with the manufacturers whose equipment we are authorized to sell. 

Our manufacturers practice responsible environmental stewardship in the design of their equipment and by providing collection and recycling programs for their toner cartridges.

Image IV is happy to work with all of our customers to implement these programs within their offices.

If you would like more information,

Feel free to contact us with any questions and to let us help you get started.

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Remote diagnostics and repairs

Team Viewer is a software application that enables our support staff to get up close and remotely troubleshoot issues you may be having with your networked devices. 

You can download the appropriate program by clicking the link below, as directed by our support staff:




E-Info Web Access

Using this service, you can view and manage equipment/item and serviceable items online via the e-info web page. Depending upon your company’s business needs and the access rights assigned to your e-info login by your administrator, you may be able to use e-info to do any of the following:

Use E-Info for:

  • Obtain pertinent account information
  • View service information
  • View equipment/item information
  • Place service calls online
  • View meter information
  • Input meter readings
  • Place orders online
  • View order information
  • Manage user accounts online


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